We have accumulated knowledge and experience gained from working in the field of construction in Lithuania and Norway. We combine the accumulated experience in the fields of residential construction, building renovation and reconstruction with modern and high-quality solutions. Our goal is to build an economical, cozy and thermal energy-saving house at an affordable price. We achieve set goals that meet the needs of each client. Experience, attentiveness, and communication allow us to provide the highest quality home construction services.


If necessary, a road for approaching the equipment and the construction site are installed during the preparation of the area. At the place of the house construction site, a fertile layer of soil is excavated, the ground is leveled. It must be water permeable, water must drain in all directions, the soil under the house must not be soaked. If heavy soil prevails, the foundation area is planned with water-permeable soil (sand, gravel). If the site in on a slope, preparation is more complicated.

Installation of the foundation is one of the most responsible works of house construction. The foundation is the most important supporting structure of the house. The type of foundation and the method of installation are determined by the weight of the building, the loads and the basis on which the building rests. The most popular for the construction of individual houses are drilled shafts due to their quick installation and relatively low price.

Over the last few years, the approach to requirements for building materials and house construction has changed. Special attention is paid to the tightness and heat retention of the house. Our goal is to build a high-quality, economical, cozy and heat-saving house at an affordable price. The most important things in a successful construction are: a well-thought out budget, a good project and a competent contractor. When these jobs are done well, you will have a smooth building process.


  • The right solutions – at every stage, we advise and provide the best solutions and individual proposals that allow professional and high-quality construction work.
  • Quality assurance – with the help of innovative ideas and new construction technologies, we effectively plan, organize and control the entire progress of construction works. So our customers don’t have to worry!
  • Guarantor of quality – with the accumulated experience, we guarantee that the services provided will be performed with high quality, and the best quality materials used will ensure that the construction work meets the technical requirements.


  • Foundation installation
  • Building construction works
  • Building renovation and reconstruction works
  • Finishing work



  • Construction organization and management
  • Representation of the client’s interests in relations with contractors/suppliers
  • Selection and supply organization of building/finishing materials and products